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Check out what my friends are up to!

MechE Magic: Kabir Kalsi once turned water into coffee with me as we prototyped a Keurig-style cold brew coffee machine. I'm not saying he's Brown Jesus. I'm just not not saying it.

Currently a Mechanical Engineer @ Ronin Product Development Labs.

Watch This: Carlos Fuentes designed & built his own personal watch collection in steel. Take a look at his process & finished products -- what do you think, better than a Rolex?

Currently a Product Design Engineer @ Apple.

Hype Machine: Hiren Patel was one of my residents back when I was an RA at Northeastern. Reunited in the Bay Area a few years later, we went to the BottleRock Music Festival together in Napa back in Sept 2019. Man could not stop raving about Jack Harlow. Saw him live, and been a fan of Jack's ever since!

Currently a Software Engineer @ Tesla.

Game Developer: Ben Fickes and I go way, way back to 1st grade back in Delaware. He always wanted to do game development, even back then, and he made it happen! Much respect.

Currently an Associate Gameplay Programmer @ Hi-Rez Studios.

Soccer Star: Nikhil Bhat wins at foosball games like he wins at life. He's just, like, the bestest ever. Top 5 best humans on Earth. And no, I'm didn't lose an outrageous bet, I swear :)

Currently a Software Engineer on the Global Mile team @ Amazon.